Best Coffee Shop in Miami


The best part about Miami is all of its diversity, not only in the culture but also in its food and entertainment. So, what’s a better way to start your day than with the best coffee in Miami? Miami has a lot of different options when it comes to finding the best coffee shops in Miami.

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Here are some great places:

Alaska Coffee Roasting Co.

This coffee shop has a very unique vibe to it, with the “industrial chic” look. It’s located in South Miami, so it makes for a great place to stop on the way to the beach. The best part of this coffee shop is how they roast their own coffee beans right in the store!

 Imperial Moto Cafe

This is a really cool looking coffee shop, located in Little Havana. They have a lot of different coffee options for their customers, and even sell some quirky gadgets like to go cups that double as fidget spinners! It’s the perfect place to stop on your way to get Cuban food for lunch or dinner — you can get your caffeine and carb fix at the same time!


Sips Cafe

This is another coffee shop in South Miami that is also relatively close to the beach. You would love to come here on Saturdays because it’s normally pretty quiet, and they have delicious breakfast sandwiches. It can sometimes get hectic due to its location in a college town, but the quality of the coffee never fails. Be prepared for a wait if you’re coming around the afternoon or on a weekend.

You can order your coffee with oat milk, coconut, or almond milk, the choice is yours!

Suite Habana Cafe

This cafe is in the heart of Little Havana, and makes for a great place to stop before you go exploring. They have really good Cuban coffee and they actually roast their own beans! Plus they make it easy for customers by not having a tip jar — but I know you’ll want to leave one anyways after your delicious cup of joe.

Panther Coffee (Multiple locations)

This is another good coffee shop that has several locations throughout Miami. One is located on Grand Avenue because it’s off the beaten path; there aren’t many businesses around here, which allows you to fully enjoy your coffee in peace. Plus, they have some interesting mugs and other gifts for sale if you want to take a souvenir home with you.

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Macondo Coffee Roasters

This coffee shop has some really great iced lattes. It’s another one of the best coffee shops in South Miami, and also located right by the beach, so you have no excuse not to stop in when you’re in the area. They sometimes have live music nights, which makes for a great atmosphere when enjoying your coffee.

Vice City Bean

This coffee shop has a really unique specialty drink. If you’re a fan of strong, dark roasted coffee this is definitely a place to stop by while in Miami. They also have good food and other drinks if you want to stay for a while!

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Bebito’s Cuban

This is a great place to stop if you want something stronger than coffee to get you going in the morning. They have a lot of Cuban espresso drinks, which are all very large and potent! You can also buy some Cuban pastries or baked goods while here.

All Day

This is another great coffee shop if you want to stay for a while. It’s located in South Miami, which means it fits perfectly between the beach and Downtown. They have really delicious food options (sandwich, avocado toast, etc) with specialty coffee if you find yourself getting hungry while hanging out here.

Tinta y Café

This is another Cuban coffee shop that has some delicious drinks. They also have a lot of different food options if you’re craving something more than just coffee — the Cuban sandwiches are especially good! It’s located in the heart of Little Havana, so it makes for a great place to stop before or after exploring the area.

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 Pasión del Cielo Coffee (Multiple locations)

This is a new coffee shop that opened up within the past year or two, but it’s already become very popular with college students. They have locations in South Miami and Coral Gables — both of which are great places to stop if you’re taking an Uber around town! There aren’t many other cafes like this one around, so it’s definitely worth a visit if you like unique twists on your coffee drinks.

Cafe Grumpy

This is a great coffee shop in Miami. You would absolutely love their cold brew, which makes a perfect drink for the hot weather here! They’re located in the heart of downtown, making it a great place to start or end your day of exploring. You can also get some work done while you’re here; they have free wifi and plenty of seating space.

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House of Per’La

This coffee shop is relatively new in Miami Beach. It opened up about a year ago and has already become very popular among college students. They make authentic Cuban coffee drinks here, but what you would like the most is their pina Coladas! You’re going to love sipping your drink while catching some sun.

Brewing Buddha Cafe & Arthouse

This is a great coffee shop if you want to get out of downtown. You can find it in the heart of Little Haiti, which makes for a nice break from exploring more mainstream parts of Miami. They have some really interesting specialty drinks here, and also serve food with an Asian twist! All its coffee beans are fresh.

Sunrise Coffee Bar

This is a great place to stop on the way to the beach. It’s located in Virginia Key, which means you can easily get here by car or Uber from South Miami. They also have really good food options if you find yourself getting hungry while hanging out here! You should stop by after lunchtime for a pick-me-up.

Wrapping Up:

There are plenty of great coffee shops in Miami, so if you didn’t visit every one of them on the list, then you must stop by at one of these shops! I hope you have a newfound appreciation for your morning cup of caffeine fix after reading this article.