Best Cuban Coffee in Key West FL


What is Cuban coffee?

Cuban coffee is a twist on the traditional espresso and hot water. The average cup of Cuban coffee contains more caffeine than a traditional Americano, making it richer and bolder in flavor. In addition, Cubans drink their coffee with sugar instead of after-dinner sweeteners to enhance the taste even further.

It’s important to note that Cuban coffee varies depending on where in the world you order it. Some people believe that Cuban coffee should be made with dark roast beans, while others insist this isn’t true and that Cuban coffee can be made with light or medium-roast beans.

This discrepancy is due to all the different factors that affect the flavor of a cup of Cuban coffee.

Unique Preparation

Regardless of roast, Cuban coffee is known for its unique preparation. When made in a traditional fashion, it’s prepared using an ibrik or “cafeteria,” which is then placed on the stovetop to boil hot water. Sugar is added once at a rolling boil until the mixture is caramelized and dark brown.

The cafeteria is then placed on the table, and the thick coffee mixture is poured into small cups. While drinking Cuban coffee, you may want to use a demitasse spoon to scoop up any sugar that has settled at the bottom of your cup. This sweet treat will help keep your taste buds ready for more caffeine!

The Best Cuban Coffee in Key West Florida

There are many places to find good Cuban coffee in Key West, FL 33040, but only a select few can truly call themselves the best. While it’s hard to decide on an absolute favorite among so many great Cuban coffee shops, here are a few of our favorites:

Cafe Con Leche

This cafe is home to some of the best Cuban coffee in Key West Florida, and some of the best breakfast eats. They make all their amazing food fresh every day, and you can taste it! Their breakfast menu is extensive, and they’ve got something for everyone.

But let’s face it, no matter what time of day it is or what you’re in the mood for, Cafe Con Leche is known for its best coffee. You can taste it in every sip, and it even comes with a nice creamy head on top.

The Saloon

If you want to know where to get the most authentic Cuban coffee in Key West, look no further than The Saloon. They’ve been around since the early 1900s and still serve up that same great Cuban taste today in a building with a colorful history of its own.

One interesting fact is that Hemingway used to drink there so often they were going through limes faster than they could be imported from Cuba!

Havana Blue

Havana Blue doesn’t just have excellent Cuban coffee; they also have delicious Cuban food. With their extensive menu, you’re sure to find something you’ll love no matter how hungry you are. If you can only choose one place to go for your morning caffeine fix, this is definitely the one we’d recommend.

La Creperie

La Creperie is a nice French cafe that has been in business for many years. They’re known around town for more than just their Cuban coffee. But it’s definitely worth a stop if you need your daily caffeine fix while on vacation. If you want to know where the locals go when morning coffee is in order, come to La Creperie.

Sunrise Bakery

Sunrise Bakery has been home to many different eateries over the years. But today, they’re known for their Cuban coffee and delicious pastries. The cafe section of Sunrise Bakery doesn’t open until 10 am, so if you need espresso before then, make sure you pop next door to their bakery!

El Meson de Pepe

Like La Creperie, El Meson de Pepe is a local favorite known more for Cuban coffee than food. Located right in the heart of Old Town on Duval Street, you can’t go wrong with this choice when looking for somewhere to sit back and enjoy an authentic cup of Cuban coffee.

Havana Harry’s

Havana Harry’s is another more recent addition to Key West’s Cuban coffee scene. It has grown very popular, so you might have to wait in line on the weekends. But once you get inside and taste some of the best Cuban coffee in town, it will be worth it!

Their menu is extensive, but they are also famous for their Cuban coffee. This is one of the few places you can go to get a delicious Cuban sandwich with your morning caffeination.

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BK Doughnuts

This café knows how to do caffeine right. As their name suggests, they’ve got great doughnuts made with organic and gluten-free ingredients. However, their Cuban coffee is a real treat for coffee connoisseurs: well-balanced and sweet enough to enhance the flavor without overpowering it.

Café Karibo

This café doubles as an art gallery, so you’ll get to enjoy some masterpieces as you enjoy your coffee. The coffee here is equally masterful – traditional Cuban coffee with the perfect amount of sugar.

Café Versailles

This café offers some of the most popular cafe Cubano in Key West, and it’s easy to see why. Their beans are always fresh, ensuring that you’ll be able to enjoy your coffee at its very best.

Café Sabor Cubano

This café is a great place to meet with friends or work on a laptop as you enjoy a cup of hot, fresh Cuban coffee. You can also order a Cuban mix sandwich with your hot drink. Their friendly staff creates a welcoming atmosphere every time you visit. So, you may find yourself coming back again and again!

In addition to these, there are countless other places to find good coffee in Key West. While everyone has their own preferences, it’s clear that any of the cafes on this list will serve you well!


Cuban Coffee is everywhere in Key West, FL 33040. And you can find the best Cuban coffee at Hemingway’s old haunt – The Floridita. Havana Blue or Cafe Versailles are excellent options if you’re looking for a more modern place to grab some good Cuban espresso.

Those who want something closer to the classic flavor should check out Sunrise Bakery, El Meson de Pepe, or La Creperie.

But don’t forget about BK Doughnuts or Café Karibo if you’re more of a doughnut person! Finally, if you want the best Cuban coffee queen in Key West Florida, come to The Floridita, which is Hemingway’s old haunt. When it comes to the best cup of Cuban coffee in Key West, you can’t get any better than The Floridita.