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About us

The Thought


TryCoffee was started with the goal of bringing coffee lovers around the world closer by sharing valuable content that would serve as the catalyst of bringing a community of coffee enthusiasts together on one  simple platform.


The Experiment


September 2018….

I decided to build this community of coffee lovers not knowing what to expect.  The idea was that if I can write valuable content on everything related to coffee, coffee products, & friendly tips.  That coffee enthusiasts around the world would take notice and share with their loved ones.


The Mission

Our goal from Day one at TryCoffee, has been and will always be, to ensure that the content we share with our readers is accurate and current with the latest research and analysis from leading coffee experts in the field.  Our team of writers are seasoned experts in the area of coffee research.  Our goal is to make sure that the content is accurate, fun and practical for coffee lovers around the world


Our Team

Franklin Medina/CEO, Founder-Franklin leads the TryCoffee Media Team.  His 20+ years in Sales, Marketing, and Search Engine Optimization spans across the different market sectors, including but no limited to pharmaceuticals & pet related industries.  Franklin believes technology can help make the world a more connected place.  While not coaching his three young sons basketball team, he enjoys playing catch with his furry buddy Kobe.



Wendy Wishart/Senior Editor-Wendy can’t even remember a time when she wasn’t writing and editing in some capacity. She can write on any topic you want, but considers herself to be at her best with projects that call for a comic approach. In fact, when she’s not writing, she’s working on her stand-up routine, which is getting her a lot of laughs at local comedy nights. She loves puppies, coffee and Netflix, and hates frozen pizza, cell phones and cilantro.



Ashvin Babariya/Senior Content Manager-Ash has been with our management team for over 3 years and brings over 15 years experience in content marketing & SEO.  Ash manages a team that oversees SEO, SEM, SMM, email marketing for TryCoffee.  When not working Ash loves spending time with his family.  His kids keep him busy on his off days and he loves every single minute.