What Coffee to Use in a Percolator?


What Is a Coffee Percolator?

A coffee percolator is a coffee-brewing device that uses gravity to push boiling water through coffee grounds, much like the process used for Turkish coffee.

Percolators come in all shapes and sizes. The original design looked like a metal pot with a tube attached to its lid. First, water was placed in the bottom with coffee in the tube. Next, the heat was turned on, and coffee would begin to brew.

How to Use Coffee Grounds in a Coffee Percolator?

When coffee is done brewing, it will be piping hot, so let it cool before drinking. Some coffee percolators have a lid that allows for cups or coffee mugs to be added on top, while coffee is percolating for an easier coffee experience.

Now let’s see what coffee you need to use for the coffee percolator :

– Decaf Coffee Beans

Most coffee stores sell ground decaf coffee that you can use in a coffee pot.

– Regular Ground Coffee

If buying coffee at the coffee store, you can buy coffee beans or ground coffee. Ground coffee is typically easier to find since coffee stores sell it in large bags.

– Instant Coffee

If buying coffee at the coffee store, instant coffee can also be purchased. It is very easy to use, and all you need to do is measure out how much coffee you’d like to use and mix it with a bit of hot water.

– Fresh Coffee Grounds

If you have coffee beans, either medium roast or dark roast, you can also make coffee from those. For brewing coffee, simply grind up coffee beans manually or buy ground coffee from the coffee store.

Coffee Percolator vs. Coffee Pot: Which One is Better to Use?

After your coffee is finished percolating, coffee gourmets will wait for the coffee to cool down before drinking. Coffee in the coffee percolator tends to be hotter than coffee in a coffee pot, so you might want to wait around 3 minutes or so for it to cool, depending on your preference.

However, coffee in coffee percolators seems to have a bitter taste that coffee in coffee pots does not have.

Either coffee beans or ground coffee should be used in the coffee percolator. If you don’t mind waiting for a minute or two for coffee to cool down, a coffee percolator is a fine choice as it tastes better.

Also, coffee gourmets will tell you that ground coffee bought from coffee stores tends to have more oil and, therefore, a richer flavor than coffee beans. But if coffee beans are used, they should be coarsely ground as fine coffee grounds block the coffee filter, which contributes to coffee percolator coffee being bitter.

Can You Use Drip Grind Coffee in a Percolator?

Drip coffee grind is not coarse enough to work in coffee percolators. On the other hand, you do not need coffee that has larger chunks of coffee beans that are too large for coffee filters to strain out the coffee. So ground coffee is preferred when using coffee percolators.

Coffee gourmets use finely ground coffee beans since they have more flavor. However, if coffee is not finely ground, coffee filters will be able to strain it out, which means that you’re basically left with coffee without flavor.

Coffee grounds should be used in coffee percolators. Ground coffee from coffee stores tastes better than beans since the ground coffee has more oil than the coffee beans do. However, coffee that is too finely ground will go through coffee filters, and coffee gourmets advise using coarsely ground coffee instead.

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Is Percolator and Moka Pot the Same?

No, coffee percolators and Moka pot are different coffee makers.

You can use a coffee percolator with ground coffee or coffee beans. But you should only use coffee beans for making coffee in a Moka pot. You can brew coffee in a coffee percolator through the process of boiling water. However, you brew coffee in a Moka pot through the process of pressurized steam, which means you will not need coffee grounds, and coffee beans should be used instead.

So, coffee percolators and Moka pots have different coffee-making processes. You can use coffee percolators for ground coffee as well as coffee beans. But only take coffee beans for making coffee in a Moka pot.

How Should Coffee for Percolator be Ground?

Coarsely Ground Coffee

Since coffee grounds should be coarse enough to fall through coffee filters, coffee gourmets recommend using coffee that has been coarsely ground.

Finely Ground Coffee

Coffee gourmets advise coffee lovers to use finely ground coffee as coffee with larger coffee grounds tends to have a bitter taste.

So, you should get coarsely ground coffee for coffee percolators. But you can also use fine ground coffee if you don’t mind the taste of coffee being a bit on the bitter side due to coffee in coffee percolators being a bit hotter than coffee in coffee pots.

Can You Take a Percolator With You When Hiking?

Yes, and you should use ground coffee when you take a coffee percolator on a camping trip or hiking expedition. This is because coffee in coffee percolators tends to be really hot, and if you use coffee beans, they’re much harder to carry around than ground coffee. Because coffee beans take a much longer time to grind down into ground coffee.

In addition, coffee in coffee percolators is very hot, so ground coffee should be used instead of coffee beans if you’re taking coffee percolator with you on a camping trip.

How to Brew Coffee in a Percolator?

1) Fill the coffee percolator with coffee grounds.

2) Fill the percolator with water until coffee in the percolator is covered by a few inches of it.

3) Put the percolator on the stove or fire and let coffee heat up in the percolator.

4) Enjoy your best coffee!

It is advisable that you should use ground coffee to make coffee in a percolator. However, because coffee percolators tend to make very hot coffee since coffee beans are harder to grind down into ground coffee, you should use coffee grounds instead of coffee beans. In this way, you can brew the best coffee in percolators.

Final Thoughts

Now that coffee drinkers know how to make the best-percolated coffee in a coffee percolator. And which coffee they should use for brewing coffee in a percolator. They can enjoy fresh coffee without worrying about coffee filters.

Moreover, ground coffee should be used instead of coffee beans if you’re taking a coffee percolator with you on a camping trip. This is because coffee in coffee percolators tends to be very hot, and coffee beans are harder to grind down into coffee grounds.