Best Coffee in Brooklyn


If you take pleasure in coffee, Brooklyn is the best place for you. The Borough of Kings continues to produce exceptional artisanal coffee grounds. Whether you live here or are just visiting, be sure to check out these coffee shops in Brooklyn. These coffee shops lead the specialty coffee scene in New York’s most populous borough.

Partners Coffee

This coffee shop has three locations throughout Brooklyn, all of which are worth visiting. The cafés in Williamsburg and Park Slope have a large seating area where customers can enjoy their coffee with quiet conversation.

Also, the café at the Brooklyn is located right next to where their freshly roasted beans are sold – an ideal spot to purchase your next bag of coffee.

Cup of Joe Coffee Company

This coffee shop also has three cafés in Brooklyn, located in the Greenpoint neighborhood, Park Slope and Cobble Hill. The specialty coffee roaster is famous for its cold brew iced coffee, boasting a rich and smooth flavor without bitterness or acidity.

For those who prefer hot coffee beverages, they also offer house-made chai, as well as an assortment of espresso-based drinks.

Along with having a wide variety of beverages, Baked gives customers the chance to have a full brunch or breakfast menu anytime during their opening hours.

With options such as eggs Benedict and French toast casserole, there’s bound to be something for everyone’s taste buds on their menu.

Variety Coffee Roasters

This Brooklyn coffee shop offers a unique coffee experience for customers. As of recently, the Brooklyn-based roaster has begun to serve alcoholic beverages such as beer and wine – perfect for relaxing after a long day of work.

There are also some specialty drinks on the menu that will certainly excite your taste buds. These drinks are a refreshing twist to the table, from lavender mochas to a smoked butterscotch latte.

Black Star Bakery

This is one of the best Brooklyn coffee shops. This café is well-known for its coffee drinks and baked goods. Customers have the opportunity to enjoy fresh bagels, scones, croissants, muffins, and pastries with their cup of delicious coffee.

It’s no surprise why Black Star has become so popular throughout Brooklyn over the years – not only are they reasonably priced, but everything they serve is of exceptional quality.

Tous Les Jours

This is a bakery, café, and patisserie. As the name suggests, they offer freshly baked bread and pastries every single day of the week!

Fortunately for Brooklynites, Tous Les Jours offers coffee beverages such as espresso-based drinks and cappuccinos so that you can get your caffeine fix anytime during their operating hours.

Also, they serve breakfast sandwiches every day of the week, so you can start your morning off with a meal that is packed with lots of flavors.

Cocoa Grinder (Boca Del Cielo)

This is one of the best coffee shops in downtown Brooklyn. This little coffee shop serves excellent iced and hot chocolate. In addition to their delicious beverages also have gelato, pastries, tea, iced chai latte, and iced matcha latte.

What makes the atmosphere in this café so unique is its wide variety of board games that customers can enjoy while sipping on their drink. Cocoa Grinder is open for customers to play games during weekdays or weekends.

Hungry Ghost Coffee

This coffee shop serves perfectly brewed coffee and teas. Every single beverage is brewed using only the best whole bean coffee for a bold, strong flavor.

Their espresso drinks are so exquisite because they’re made with imported Italian roast, which allows the flavors to really come through in each sip.

Hungry Ghost also offers light snacks and baked goods so you can treat yourself or someone else to something delicious.

Homecoming Coffee

This is a café that is great for chilling out or having fun. Located in a cozy second-floor location, it’s the ideal spot to sip on some coffee and read a book without being disturbed – perfect for when you want to have a relaxing afternoon at home.

In addition to their beverages, they also offer light snacks such as their homemade hummus.

Social House Cafe

It is a café that is perfect for brunch or lunch. Social House offers something for everyone, from their breakfast sandwiches to their delicious salads.

They also serve all sorts of coffee beverages such as cappuccinos, lattes, and mochas. All in all, it’s the perfect place to hang out with your friends or family after a long day.

Pep Bakehouse and Coffee Shop

This coffee shop serves good coffee and food. Their pastries and baked goods are made on-site, so you can enjoy them as fresh as possible!

Their café is unique because its interior was built using recycled materials such as tables, chairs, and light fixtures, which truly embodies the ‘green’ philosophy that Pep strives for.

Overall, it’s the perfect place to hang out with others and enjoy a great meal.

Fortunato Brothers Coffee

This coffee shop serves all sorts of beverages, from espresso to cappuccinos. This small but cozy café is located right in the heart of Brooklyn, so it’s always packed with locals or tourists that are visiting!

The interior is clean and well lit, which creates a very comfortable environment for customers to enjoy their drinks, snacks, or meals.

Maman Coffee

This is a coffee roaster and shop. They take pride in their well-crafted espresso drinks, such as macchiatos, cappuccinos, and lattes.

In addition to their espressos, they also serve other beverages such as teas, smoothies, and juices. Maman is definitely the place to go for fresh coffee beans and roasted coffee.

Copper Mug Coffee

This is a coffee shop that has been around for many years. It’s the perfect spot to enjoy some coffee and delicious pastries. During lunch hours, they also serve sandwiches such as paninis, salads, and soups.

Their cookies and cakes are popular throughout the neighborhood so make sure you try one while you’re there!


If you’re a fan of coffee and want to take advantage of the best, there is around Brooklyn, head on over to one of these cafés and see just how good their specialty coffees are!

The coffee scene in Brooklyn is just as rich and diverse as its cultural life. Each café has its own specialty drink that customers can’t resist.

Whether you live here or have your sights set on visiting the City of Churches, be sure to stop by one of these cafés for a rich and flavorful cup of coffee.