Why Should Coffee Not Be Reheated?


What Happens to Caffeine When You Reheat Coffee?

The caffeine content in coffee can decrease by up to 85% after being reheated in a coffee cup.

Caffeine has effects on the brain, nervous system, and heart. It stimulates one’s mind so that coffee drinkers can get their daily dose of caffeine this way. They can avoid the habit of taking pills or using energy drinks with high doses of caffeine. Children under the age of 18 years should not take energy drinks. Also, pregnant women should not drink much coffee due to the high caffeine content in coffee.

Is Coffee Safe to Reheat the Next Day?

When cone reheats coffee, it becomes more rigid and acidic, which causes coffee to become bitter. Furthermore, the coffee loses antioxidants when reheated because coffee’s antioxidant properties have diminished after being heated up the first time. Along with losing antioxidants, coffee also loses coffee-enhancing chemicals that coffee naturally has.

Is Microwaving Coffee Carcinogenic?

There are research about coffee and microwaves. Microwaved coffee is carcinogenic because water present in the coffee cup starts to boil at 100 degrees Celsius, which causes the release of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), heterocyclic amines (HCAs), and benzene. For example, benzene is a carcinogen that is found in tobacco smoke, car exhaust fumes, coffee cup microwaving, and even carpet bombing.

Does Reheated Coffee Taste Bitter?

The coffee beans contain oily substances called coffee oils, which give coffee its taste and aroma. Coffee oils are volatile in nature, so they evaporate when you heat coffee very quickly or over a prolonged period of time. Therefore, when you reheat cooled coffee, the coffee tastes bitter because there is no coffee oil left to express coffee’s taste and flavor.

Which Coffee Pot Keeps Your Coffee Warm all Day?

A coffee pot that keeps coffee warm is a coffee carafe. A coffee carafe or thermal coffee maker is ideal for warming coffee to keep coffee hot and prevent it from getting cold and bitter. Coffee pots with glass lids are best because they allow you to observe your coffee when it’s brewing. Coffee pots with coffee carafes are very convenient for coffee drinkers because coffee is kept hot and fresh for your drinking pleasure.

Do all Coffee (Light, Medium, and Dark Roasted) Turn Bitter When You Reheat Them?

It depends on the coffee type whether coffee will taste good or bad after it has been reheated. You can tell what kind of coffee roast is by looking at the coffee beans. Coffee manufacturers prepare light coffee from unroasted beans, medium roasted coffee from light roast beans, and dark coffee from dark roasted beans. Lightly roasted coffee turns bad when one reheats it. Because the coffee oil particles in light coffee roast coffee have a larger surface area which makes them more exposed to oxygen, this causes coffee to taste bitter or burned after one reheats it in a coffee cup.

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What Should You Do Instead of Reheating Coffee?

You should keep your coffee warm in a coffee maker with a thermal coffee carafe because it is the best choice when it comes to keeping your coffee hot from day until coffee drinkers drink coffee.

However, it is best if coffee drinkers brew new coffee instead of reheating the old one. In this way, you can get the coffee’s original taste, warmth, and flavor of the coffee. To brew coffee, place coffee grounds in a coffee filter or put coffee beans in a coffee grinder for grinding before brewing. Then pour fresh water into the coffee pot when it is heating up until boiling. Then let it stand for 1-2 minutes before pouring coffee into the coffee cup to drink. Coffee brewed freshly will taste great. And coffee drinkers don’t have to worry about coffee going bad or tasting bitter because of reheating.

How to Safely Reheat Your Coffee?

Microwave coffee for a few seconds to reheat it. Make sure you don’t overheat coffee because coffee burns at 150 degrees Celsius, and coffee oils evaporate from coffee beans at 200 degrees Celsius. Overheating coffee will cause coffee to have a bitter taste, so watch out for overheated coffee.

You should not microwave your coffee to a high degree as the coffee cup might explode due to temperature changes as coffee heats up and cools down.

The best way to reheat coffee is by using a coffee carafe which can keep coffee hot for more than an hour. The thermal coffee maker has a double-walled thermal coffee pot. So it will keep your coffee hot and fresh for hours on end.

Disadvantages of Reheating Coffee:

There are many reasons why one should not reheat coffee.

Tastes Bitter

The first reason coffee shouldn’t be reheated is because it can become bitter when reheated. Reheating coffee causes coffee’s molecules to become more rigid and fast, which causes coffee to take on a coffee taste that is not as smooth.

Loses Its Intended Flavor

Reheating coffee can cause coffee to lose its intended flavor and aroma, which makes the coffee less pleasurable to drink and enjoy.

Loses Its Original Aromatic Taste

You should not reheat coffee because it loses its original flavor and aromatic taste when reheated.

Becomes a Health Hazard

Your morning cup of coffee can become a health hazard if you reheat it in the microwave. Reheating coffee causes coffee to weaken its capabilities of preventing disease and illness by losing antioxidant properties that coffee naturally has in it already.

Moreover, you should not reheat coffee because coffee may cause health problems such as cancer when you microwave it. Many thermally insulated coffee pots are designed to stay at a safe temperature throughout the day to prevent coffee from losing its health properties.

Becomes Fire Hazard

When you reheat coffee in a microwave, it can become a fire hazard. If you cannot drink your fresh coffee and want to reheat it, then it can cause a fire in the microwave if overheated. Because coffee becomes overheated in a microwave oven, it causes coffee to evaporate, making it possible for coffee to catch on fire. Furthermore, coffee may overheat on the outside of the cup before the inside of the cup starts to overheat.

Becomes an Unhealthy Drink

Lastly, coffee drinkers should not reheat leftover coffee because coffee may be harmful if reheated in a microwave oven. Because microwave heats up coffee unevenly, which can result in coffee getting burnt or becoming extremely hot. In conclusion, it is advisable that you should not reheat coffee because coffee loses its antioxidant properties and becomes an unhealthy drink when it has been reheated.

Wrapping Up

We can conclude that coffee lovers should drink freshly brewed coffee. And they should not reheat coffee because coffee loses its flavor and aroma when reheated. In addition, coffee can become a health hazard when reheated multiple times because coffee loses some of its antioxidant properties. Furthermore, coffee can also become a fire hazard if you overheat it in a microwave oven, making it possible for coffee to catch on fire. So finally, you should not reheat coffee in coffee pots that aren’t designed for microwaves.