Incorporating Time With Your Pets Into Your Coffee Routine


While you can’t share a cup of coffee or tea with your furry friends, that doesn’t mean there aren’t options for sharing your time enjoying coffee with your dogs or cats. In 2017, there was actually a product on Kick starter that was billed as a coffee for dogs. The “coffee” was called Rooffee, but don’t worry, it didn’t actually contain any caffeine. In fact, it was more of an herbal tea beverage and the name was a mixture of “dog and “roots.” Whether it was because of the name, which people weren’t big on, or otherwise, this product never saw the light of day.

But here’s something else important to realize. You don’t have to share a specialty drink with your pet to have a good time. While there are options out there which meet those specifications, just incorporating petting or playtime with your pet while enjoying your own cup of coffee can often be enough. With so many people who both love their pets and enjoy caffeination throughout the day, there’s more of an intersection there than you might expect.

Today, we’ll be looking at fun ways to put pets and coffee together, but without putting your puppy into harm’s way. In light of that, we’ll also look at why coffee shouldn’t be shared and what other beverages you can enjoy with your pet that are safe for them to drink. All in all, we’ll be considering the many ways in which your enjoyment of coffee and dogs can work together to create a perfect lifestyle for you and your dogs.

Unique Beverages That Have Been Marketed Towards Dogs and Cats

While your dog can’t drink real coffee due to the caffeine content, that doesn’t mean there are no special drinks for dogs that can be fun to introduce them to. There have been a number of strange beverages marketed toward pets and we want to look at a few of them. While there is no need to buy anything like this to share with your pet, it can be a fun experience on occasion. You get to present them with a gift and they get to try something new. We’ll go over a few of the options below.

Bark Vineyards Dog Wine

First, you should know that these wines are non-alcoholic beverages and entirely safe for your pet. In fact, all Bark Vineyard wines are produced in an FDA-approved facility and contain no artificial colors or flavors, animal by-products, refined sugars, chemical preservatives, or artificial sweeteners. The company offers “wine” for both dogs and cats with the dog line including Barkundy, Sauvignon Bark, Pinot Leasheo, and White Sniff-n-Tail Flavors. Sure, it’s not coffee, but you can share some with your dog while you enjoy your latte for a treat.

Pet Pop Vitamin Plus

Innovative mines in Australia came up with the idea of a dog soda product, which is made of mineral water and other ingredients. This may not be on the market nowadays, but when it was available, you could choose between Betty Blu, Luscious Lulu, Candy Pop, and Lemon Lol flavors. The “soda” was made to be suitable for dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds and came in bright colors. It also included extra vitamin B complex to improve your pet’s health.

Dogade Water

This is another product that is off the market but it’s pretty inspiring to read about. It was invented in Australia and was made to rehydrate dogs. It came in chicken, beef, and bacon flavors to tempt dogs to drink and had added electrolytes and vitamins for your dog’s health. This product took a little work to share since dog owners had to mix it with water, but it was a great alternative for dogs who may be shying away from drinking water.

Dawg Grog Dog Beer

Prefer to share a brew with your dog instead of wine? You might want to share Dawg Grog with your furry pal. It comes in pints with serving sizes based on the size of your pet. It includes brewer’s wort as well as mineral supplements, glucosamine, and mountain water from Oregon. This is a pretty neat beverage that can be added to food or water, offered on its own in liquid form, or frozen into cubes for warm days outdoors. It may not be coffee, but chances are, your dog will love it anyway.

Engaging With Your Dog While Having a Cup of Coffee

Most of us enjoy waking up and having a cup of coffee first thing when the day begins. We might take a quick walk with the dog, fill their food dish, and then run out the door. If you work a traditional schedule, your pet may not see you for hours. This can be a seriously lonely day for your pet. It’s important to make the most of your time with your pet and it benefits the both of you. Rather than spending little time with your pet, make a few changes that can make their day a little easier from morning until night.

When you get up, you probably take your dog out to use the bathroom since they have been waiting all night. Don’t just open the door and leave the dog to do this alone. Spend some time bonding with them. Head outside and interact with your dog as they start their day. You can always grab that first cup of coffee on the way out and enjoy it while your pet is doing its business. If your dog has trouble staying on task and takes off for parts unknown, bring a toy or two along so you can get their attention again and get them back inside when it’s time.

After you head back inside, feed your dog while you have your own breakfast. You can continue to sip on your coffee while the both of you eat and enjoy spending time together. This also gives your pet a little time to enjoy their breakfast and start the digestion process before you head off on your daily walk together. You want to wait around an hour before taking off on the walk. By this time, your pet may also need the bathroom again, so it works out. In the meantime, you can get everything ready for your day at work, running errands, or in class.

If you’ve followed these tips, or ones that work better for your home, you can give your pet some time to relax and settle down before you leave for the day. If you prefer, you can also get them started with some interactive toys that will keep them busy for part of the day while you are away from home. It really depends on your dog and what their personality and activity level is like.

Those who can stop in on lunch break will likely find your pet is excited to see you again. This is the perfect time to let them out again while you grab another cup of coffee for the long afternoon that is ahead of you. You can also spend some time playing, exercising, and bonding with your pet before you take off again. Make sure to top off their water bowl, and if your pet is young, give them another meal before you leave.

At this point, when you finish your day and come home, you’ll have time to bond with your pet. If you drink coffee late in the day, you can brew another cup. If not, you can fill your dog’s bowl with water again and make sure they get their second meal of the day. You’ll also want to take them outside to potty and get some exercise out of the way. This is also a fantastic time to work on any training you’re doing with your pet.

When it gets later and you’re about ready to turn in, take your dog out one more time to use the bathroom. You may not want to incorporate playtime if your pet gets overly excited so that they can better wind down and go to sleep. After a long day, you can both head to bed and get ready to do it all again the next day.

Of course, your own schedule may turn out to be different but having a routine is something that dogs appreciate. Knowing when to expect certain things to happen can prevent your pet from getting anxious and worried. So, whatever you do, try to keep it fairly constant and turn it into a habit. You may be surprised by how much it can calm down a dog who normally isn’t that way.

Games to Play While Bonding With Your Dog

Even with a cup of coffee in hand, there are all sorts of fun games you can play with your dog to add some excitement to both of your lives. When your dog is active, that can help them stay busy and avoid trouble. Plus, exercise of a mental or physical variety is important for your pet’s health. If you aren’t sure what sort of games you can add to your playtime every day, don’t worry! We have some fantastic ideas for you.

A Simple Game of Hide & Seek

Many dogs love to play hide and seek with their owners and yours may as well. Even if your hiding places simply rotate between a few locations, it usually doesn’t bother a dog. When you take part in this game, your dog is able to put their scent tracking skills in use in a stimulating manner. It gives your dog both mental and physical exercise at the same time. Never tried hide and seek with your dog? We’ll explain the process. This is a game that works well even with coffee in hand since most of your work involves sitting somewhere and waiting on your dog.

  • Get Your Dog’s Attention – Use a toy your dog loves and get their attention. If you have someone else around who can keep the dog distracted while you hide, that’s so much the better. Have them hold onto your pet while you run off, calling out the name of your dog. There’s no need to hide anywhere difficult, although you might choose to if you play this game and your dog becomes better at it.
  • Call For Your Dog – Call your dog so they have an idea of where to start looking for you. Most dogs will initially look for verbal and visual cues, but as time goes on, they will choose to use their nose to find your scent and hunt you down. This gives the dog a chance to use their instincts as you play.
  • Celebrate When the Dog Wins – After the dog finds you, make sure to offer some kind of celebration so they know they did a good job. You can pet them down, offer them treats, or get one of their favorite toys. Choose something you know your pet will appreciate.

Play a Game of Find the Treats With Your Pet

Another fun game you can share with your dog, coffee in hand or not, is a quick game of ‘find the treats.’ This is a game that every dog will love and it’s similar to hide and seek. All you need to do is take out a handful of your dog’s favorite treats and find some hiding places around the house to poke them into. You don’t have to go overboard and find new locations every time you play. Your dog will love the game even if the treats aren’t always difficult to find.

This is another game where you’ll want someone to hold the dog or you’ll want to put them in a stay position while you hide the treats. Once you are finished, you can release your pet and tell them it’s time to find the hidden treats. If the dog is having trouble at first, point toward the right places and give them a little help. You can encourage them with praise every time they find a new one.

As time goes on and you continue to play this time, you can choose more difficult areas to hide the treats. You can also move from putting all the treats in a single room to hiding them across the house when your dog has caught on to the idea of the game and does well with it.

Summer Water Games Your Pet Will Love

If you have a beach nearby or even a pool that allows dog, you can spend time near the water and allow your dog to get wet and do some swimming. Bring along a life jacket for the dog and some toys they love to make this a fun outing your dog will never forget. If you bring along toys that float, you can even enjoy fetch on the water.

You don’t have to find a beach if you prefer to stick around your yard. You can buy a cheap children’s pool and fill it up with water. Your pet can enjoy lounging in the cool water or splash about. Toss in a few toys for even more fun. If you do not have a pool, the hose can also work for this fun time outside. However, some dogs don’t like the spray of the hose so be gentle first and see how your pet reacts. A sprinkler may be a little less intimidating for some pets.

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Chasing Down the Bubbles

Want another option for outdoor or indoor excitement with your dog? Bubbles. This is one of the simplest games you can play with your dog and it can be done pretty much anywhere. You can choose to use the traditional bubbles made for children or there are bubbles specifically made for dogs that have non-toxic ingredients. Since your dog will be biting onto the bubbles, the latter choice might be better to avoid any stomach troubles for your pet.

Have a dog who has never experienced bubbles? Don’t worry, it’s easy to get them interested. All you have to do is take out the bubbles and blow a few in their direction. If they don’t go for it, encourage them and point to where they are. You or your children can also chase them down to give the dog even more excitement. Your dog will likely quickly pick up on the process and realize the point is to grab the bubbles before they ever hit the ground or floor.

Special Treat Dispensing Toys

If you have a Kong toy or another toy that can be stuffed with treats, that’s another fantastic option for playtime with a pup. It’s great for your dog in that is stimulates them mentally, allows them to use some of the scavenging instinct, and is a lot of fun. The best part is that you can stuff the toy with treats and then your dog can go wild with trying to dig into it for 30 minutes or more. It’s also an excellent option if you have a pet that gets upset when you leave in the morning. It gives the dog something to do so they aren’t as worried about your presence.

Some of these toys can also be used at mealtime to add some mental stimulation to feeling. The type that works best is one that you can fill up with food and the dog needs to bounce it around for the food to come out. Just remember that if your dog is new to this sort of toy, it might take a little time for them to get the hang of how to use it. You can always help them by encouraging them to play with it so they realize it’s filled with food that comes out when it is moved around on the floor.

Consider Play With a Flirt Pole

Flirt poles can be exciting for your pooch and they’re also simple for you to use, even when you’re sipping on your favorite coffee beverage. It’s also a great option if it takes a lot to wear your pet out because this will make it simpler than ever before. The flirt pole itself is just a long pole that has a rope attached to one end. The end of the rope will have a lure attached which is there for your dog to chase after.

This is a game that is extremely good for exercise while still providing some mental stimulation. Your dog can chase after the lure on the rope to use their natural instincts in a way that isn’t destructive. This type of toy can also be used to help teach your dog better impulse control while you are training them. Just be sure that you occasionally let your dog catch the lure to make the game engaging. If you don’t, they may become uninterested and discouraged with something that could be fun.

Be aware that this exercise is more high-impact than some alternatives. It can cause stress to your dog’s joints. If your pet is a bit lazy, you may want to start slow with this method and working your way up. It also is not the best option if your pet has issues with their joints. You will want to choose a low impact exercise, instead. But for most pets, this is one of the most exciting games you can play with them.

Play Simple Tug of War

Many dogs enjoy the simple pleasure of tug of war. It’s a physical exercise that can be engaging and fun. It can also be used to ensure your pet has a grasp of good manners. If you have spent a significant amount of time training your dog, you may find that your dog will appreciate tug of war as a reward for a job well done. The best part is you don’t need a lot of special toys to play tug or war, just a strong rope.

One thing to keep in mind is that the game of tug of war should end if your dog gets aggressive and puts their teeth on you. For some dogs, this won’t be a problem even after lots of play. However, other dogs may have more trouble with it than others. However, if you always stop playing when your skin is touched by teeth, it won’t take too long for your pet to catch up and realize there are consequences to putting their mouth on you.

While you might hear that this game should be avoided because it can make a dog aggressive, this isn’t the case. There’s also nothing wrong with letting the dog win on occasion. It simply gives the dog more fun while you play since they aren’t ever sure whether they will win or you will. It’s a fun pastime that can be done nearly anywhere to let your pet drop off a little steam.

The Humble Game of Frisbee

If your pet does well with fetching, the next place to move might be the frisbee. It’s essentially a game of catch over a longer distance. It provides a large amount of exercise and lets your dog use its drive to chase in a productive and exciting way.

If your pet is just getting started with frisbee, you may want to start with a soft disc at first. The traditional frisbee can be hard, which can hurt your pet if it hits them in the face while they are chasing it. Instead, a softer disc will allow the pet to learn how to catch the frisbee before you move up to a harder material. Start out with throwing the frisbee short distances and encouraging your pet to chase it down. You can slowly add distance and toss the frisbee harder as time goes on.

As you can see, there are tons of fun games you can play with your pet to bond and spend more time together. Beyond that, you can also enjoy time with your dog in other ways that incorporate your favorite coffee beverage. For instance, if your favorite coffeehouse allows dogs, you can train your pet to walk there with you and spend time in the new location while you get a latte or cappuccino. You could also grab a cup of coffee and then head over to a dog park, so your pet can meet other dogs and get their walk in with you. There are tons of options and which fit your needs will depend on your own preferences and those of your pet.

Safe Beverages for Your Favorite Pooch

The reality is that you should always make sure your dog has a fresh bowl of water to drink from. It’s the healthiest beverage for them and ensures they are well-hydrated around the clock. However, dogs are also curious animals so if you offer them some other drink, they’ll likely at least give it a taste before deciding they hate it or enjoy it. Some drinks are entirely safe for your dog, while others are less safe. We want to share the information on what you can share with your pet and what you should keep far away from their reach.

Cow’s Milk for Dogs

As you know, puppies spend the first few weeks of their life suckling at their mother’s teats and drinking milk. This ensures they get the nutrients they need while also receiving all the important antibodies that help them grow and avoid sickness. However, after a dog is weaned, their need for milk lessens and eventually disappears. When it comes to cow’s milk, many dogs cannot digest the lactose that is present in it. Because of that, most dog foods incorporate extra protein and calcium that would otherwise come from milk.

Some dogs are fine drinking milk, but others may have gastrointestinal issues if they drink it. If your dog is lactose intolerant, that means that their body cannot break down the lactose in milk due to having too little lactase. You can certainly provide your dog with milk, but if it gives them a stomachache, it might be best to avoid it. Even for a dog who has no issue with dairy, it’s best to practice moderation when sharing milk with them.

Alcoholic Beverages and Dogs

You should never allow your dog to drink beer, wine, or other alcoholic beverages. You may enjoy having a drink or two on occasion, but you should always be aware of where your drink is to avoid your dog getting into it. While you might think it would be hilarious to watch your dog have a drink and act inebriated, it is an unsafe practice and should not be something you allow. A dog has a lower tolerance for alcohol than you do, and it may not take as much as you think for your furry pal to get alcohol poisoning.

The effects of alcohol on your pet can be substantial and it takes only a tiny amount of alcohol. If your pet experiences alcohol poisoning, this can lead to issues with their lungs or heart. In addition, many wines and beers include ingredients that are dangerous to dogs, such as hops and grapes. No matter what type of liquor you have in your home, if your pet goes for it, you need to ensure it is removed from his reach. Don’t allow your dog to consume something that could make them seriously ill.

Tea & Coffee for Your Pets

We mentioned that coffee is bad for your pets and the same applies to any other drink that has caffeine. You can drink coffee all day long, but it is not safe for your pet. Your dog can experience caffeine poisoning, which can be just as devastating as alcohol poisoning. Dogs typically have a much lower body weight than a human, so it doesn’t take much caffeine for this to be a problem. While your dog may be okay if they get into your cup and take a lap, it’s important to be aware of the dangers and to keep this away from your pet.

Caffeine can be found in coffee, tea, chocolate, energy drinks, soda, nutritional supplements, and more, which is why it can be easy for your pet to get access to it. Even a dog who gets into the garbage can and eats coffee grounds can end up sick, so you need to be cautious. If your pet does manage to get into a caffeinated beverage and drinks much of it, it’s best to speak with your vet to make sure they are doing okay and not experiencing caffeine poisoning.


Dogs and Consumption of Juice

It’s pretty obvious why alcohol and caffeine can be bad for the dog, but juice might seem like a safe option. Fruit juice is often considered healthy, but is that the case with your dog? However, the situation isn’t quite as simple as that. While you can treat your dog with pieces of fruit on occasion, juice is often not recommended. Fruit juice from concentrate and juice from the grocery store may not be the best hydrating beverage to offer your pooch, for many reasons.

If you make your own juice and don’t add in extra sugars, small amounts might be safe and are likely not to cause stomach discomfort. However most of the juices you get at the store will have preservatives, sugars, and other fillers that aren’t healthy for your pet to consume. If you decide to give your dog juice to drink, make sure that you start with a small amount, so you can gauge how your dog reacts to it first.

Why Water is the Best Possible Option

After your dog has been weaned from its mother, the best drink to give it is nothing but water. You want to be sure the dog always has clean fresh water available. As humans, we can get a lot of enjoyment from drinking unique beverages, which isn’t the case for a canine. Instead, most of their nutritional needs are met with their food. Water is plenty to give them what they need to stay hydrated. You can treat them with other beverages, but it isn’t something that you absolutely need to do.

It’s also important to know that dehydration can be just as big of a problem as drinking the wrong beverages is for a dog. Water is something that helps your dog get through the day and do all the things they need to so. Water helps with joint flexibility and mobility, temperature regulation, and even energy level. As such, your dog always needs water nearby.

The Wrap Up

While you can’t share your favorite coffee with your pet, there are other special drinks made for your dog to enjoy. Dogs are also completely happy with water but would love to spend time with you while you sip on your favorite espresso drink. We’ve talked about some of the ways to spend time with your pet, how to schedule your day so your pet can be a part of your coffee routine, and which beverages are bad for your pet’s health.

Having a pet is an exciting thing and they enjoy spending time with you as much as you do with them. Use some of these tips to ensure you get plenty of time with them doing things you both enjoy. Whether that means taking your pet with you to the café, spending more time at the dog park, or incorporating new fun games, your dog will appreciate it. Good luck!

Bonus Questions:

1. What are signs of dehydration in dogs?

If you’re worried your pet is dehydrated, there are a number of signs that you should watch for. Some of the most common include panting, loss of appetite, low energy level, dry nose, and sunken eyes.

2. Is Pedialyte good for dogs?

Many people choose to offer Pedialyte to their dogs if they are dehydrated as it offers them extra electrolytes. It’s a generally safe option, but it’s always best to ask your vet for advice.

3. Is coconut oil safe for dogs?

It is. It can be given orally, but it also is great for applying to a dog’s skin and coat. It’s a fantastic product with tons of benefits to dogs.

4. Is it OK for dogs to drink milk?

Some dogs have no problem digesting milk and other dairy products, but others may experience gas, vomiting, or diarrhea. Whether you should provide milk depends on your pet’s ability to digest it.

5. Can dogs drink almond milk?

Dogs can drink some forms of almond milk, but not others. You should also provide unsweetened organic almond milk to your pet. Sweeteners which contain xylitol can be poisonous to your pet.

6. Do dogs like to play tug of war?

It depends upon the dog in question, but many dogs enjoy a good game of tug of war. It’s something that appeals to their nature and offers both physical and mental stimulation.

7. How long do you play with your dog?

Every dog is different based on their size, breed, and health, but most dogs need an average of 30 minutes to two hours of physical exercise a day. Herding, hunting, and working dogs often need the most.

8. How can I play with my dog?

There are tons of ways to play with your pet. You can try tug of war, teach your dog to fetch, play hide and seek, and more.

9. Why do dogs nibble at you?

One of the ways that a dog communicates is through mouthing, nibbling, and gentle chewing. It can be a sign of affection and play with a dog.

10. How can I have fun with my dog?

There are many ways to have a good time with your pet. You could try visiting a dog park, going for a walk, hiding treats for them to find, and more!

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