Do Coffee Creamers Need to Be Refrigerated?


Coffee is a delicious drink prepared from roasted coffee beans. Coffee beans are the seeds of berries from the coffee plant. The genus Coffea belongs to the family Rubiaceae.

It contains about 100 species, including C. arabica and C. canephora (also called ‘robusta’). But since coffee is available worldwide, there are many other species of coffee plants.

Coffee-Mate Creamer

A creamer or sweetener made from dairy cream or soy-based ingredients to make a coffee mate beverage taste more like a traditionally brewed coffee.

You can add it to coffee as an alternative to milk and sugar, though many coffee drinkers will use creamer to alter the flavor or add sweetness to their coffee.

Do Coffee-Mate Creamers Need to Be Refrigerated?

You do not need to refrigerate coffee creamers as long as they are unopened and stored in a cool, dry place away from sunlight and high-heat appliances like the stove and dishwasher since they can cause spoilage and ultimately change their taste.

However, you should refrigerate coffee creamers to maintain freshness and flavor once opened.

Some you can store dairy coffee creamers at room temperature even after being opened, but it’s best to follow your individual brand guidelines regarding storage and shelf life.

What Coffee Creamer Does Not Need to Be Refrigerated?

The following types of coffee creamers do not need to be refrigerated:

1. Non-Dairy Creamer

2. Powder Coffee-Mate Creamers

3. Half and Half Singles Coffee-mate creamers (does not need to be refrigerated after opening)

Non-dairy creamers come with ingredients that do you do not need to refrigerate. Non-dairy creamers typically have vegetable oil or nut oils, which will separate in the coffee and have a greasy texture. It can take some getting used to for people who are used to dairy creamers.

Can You Leave Creamers Unrefrigerated?

Powder creamer is made with ingredients that do not need to be refrigerated. While it also contains water, the powdered milk proteins have been dehydrated, so they will reconstitute when mixed with hot coffee.

Most powdered creamers are non-dairy, but some are made with dairy.

How Long Can Coffee Creamers Stay out of the Fridge?

Dairy half and half creamer will stay fresh for about two weeks if it is kept unrefrigerated. However, after that time, it should be thrown away. However, it is advisable that refrigerate all other types of creamers to avoid spoiling instead of leaving them out.

Different Types of Coffee Creamers:

There are three main types of coffee mate creamers:

1) Dairy Coffee Mate Creamer

2) Non-Dairy Coffee Mate Creamer

3) Fruit Flavored Coffee Mate Creamer

Dairy Coffee-mate Creamers

These creamers are made with real dairy creamer that contains milk, sugar, and natural flavorings. Dairy creamers come in half-and-half, which is a combination of light cream and milk; heavy whipping cream; regular flavored, including French vanilla, hazelnut, caramel macchiato, and mocha; and extra-rich flavored creamers.

Non-dairy Coffee-mate Creamer / Powdered Creamers

These are made with vegetable oil or nut oils, which separate in the coffee, but it is less noticeable than the non-dairy creamer with powdered ingredients. Most non-dairy creamers do not contain any dairy ingredients except for casein, which is a milk protein.

There is also a version of powdered creamer that can be added to coffee, but some people find the texture to be less smooth than regular coffee mate creamers.

Fruit Flavored Coffee Mate Creamer

This type of coffee mate creamer comes in strawberry, vanilla, and mocha flavors. Fruit-flavored creamers are similar to regular dairy creamers, but they are made with natural fruit flavorings.

What Happens if You Leave a Coffee-mate Creamer Out of the Fridge for a Long Time?

Suppose you leave coffee mate creamer out of the refrigerator for several days or longer. In that case, it will go bad because dairy products contain bacteria that will begin to grow after just one day at room temperature. If the coffee creamer has separated with oil on top and a white film underneath, it is no longer safe to use.

Coffee-mate creamy coffee beverages will not stay fresh as long as coffee is brewed with hot water because of the added ingredients in dairy creamers that promote bacterial growth.

Some Uses of Unused Coffee-mate Creamers

Unused coffee creamer can be used in a variety of ways. For example, some people use leftover coffee mate creamer to make homemade ice cream, while others add it to pancake or waffle batter.

Furthermore, Coffee-mate creamy coffee beverages can also be added to milkshakes and smoothies.

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What Is the Best Coffee-mate Creamer?

The best coffee mate creamer will depend on your personal preference. In many stores, you can find a variety of different flavors to add to your coffee for a unique taste or buy one that has been around for decades and is known for being a classic addition to coffee.

What Should You Use Instead of Coffee-mate Creamer?

If you prefer not to use coffee mate creamers for health or nutritional reasons, a few other options will work well in hot coffee. Unsweetened almond milk and coconut milk creamer both contain healthy ingredients and produce a similar texture as dairy creamers.

The downside of these two alternatives is that they do not taste very rich like dairy creamers, but they are vegan and healthier.

What Is the Shelf Life of Coffee-mate Creamers?

Dairy half and half creamer will stay fresh for about two weeks if it is kept unrefrigerated. However, you should throw away expired coffee mate creamer, whether it is a liquid creamer or a powdered creamer.

Powdered coffee creamers will last longer than liquid creamers because powdered coffee creamers contain do not dairy products.

What Magical Taste Does a Coffee Creamer Add to a Morning Coffee?

Coffee-mate creamer adds a creamy, sweet taste to coffee. The amount of flavor that coffee lovers get with coffee creamer depends on the type of dairy ingredients used in the coffee creamer.

Coffee creamer companies offer several classic flavors to choose from so you can find your favorite drink.


Coffee-mate creamers are dairy-based coffee beverages that can be added to coffee or other beverages for a creamy, sweet taste.

Many different flavors of liquid and powdered creamers are available in stores, including regular flavored and fruit-flavored coffee creamer. Coffee-mate creamers can separate when they sit out because of the ingredients used in dairy creamers.

You can store liquid form or powdered form of coffee mate creamers in the refrigerator or at room temperature, but the liquid form will stay fresh longer when stored in the refrigerator.

The shelf life of coffee mate creamers is about two weeks if it is left out on a countertop and about four months if it is kept in the freezer.

Some people use leftover coffee mate creamer to make homemade ice cream or add it to other foods, such as pancakes and waffles. There are a few alternatives that you can use in place of coffee mate creamers for health and nutritional reasons.