Difference Between Coffee and Latte?


Coffee VS Latte – What is the Difference?

A latte is a coffee drink that consists of espresso and hot milk. Drip coffee contains only brewed coffee. Steamed milk is heated to produce a foam known as “microfoam.” Caffe latte, short for caffe latte macchiato, is an espresso drink, meaning 1/3 espresso, 1/3 steamed milk, and 1/3 foam.

Drip coffee is only made up of brewed coffee, which does not contain any milk or sugar.

Drip Coffee

The difference between drip coffee and a latte lies in the ingredients used to make them. Drip coffee consists of nothing but brewed coffee, whereas a latte consists of espresso, steamed milk, and foam. Drip coffee is simply brewed with hot water and drip ground coffee beans.

Conversely, a latte is a popular drink that contains steamed milk, foam, and espresso. Drip coffee contains only drip grind beans and hot water, while a latte contains steamed milk, foam, and espresso.


A latte differs from regular coffee in the ingredients used to make it. For example, normal coffee only has brewed coffee, whereas a latte consists of espresso, steamed milk, and foam that are prepared differently according to personal preferences.

The following ingredients are used in latte:

Steamed Milk & Foam

The steamed milk in a latte is different from the milk used in drip coffee because it is heated with steam or froth. Steaming the milk used in the latte produces bubbles resulting in foam.

A latte is made with steamed milk that is very hot and frothy. It can have 2% or whole fat, depending on what you prefer.


When the term espresso is used, it’s typically referring to latte instead of regular coffee. Coffee consists of ground beans brewed with hot water only, while an espresso contains steamed milk and ground beans.

An espresso drink is commonly used to make a latte. Latte can be made up of whole milk steamed milk, and foam. The process of making it is slightly different.

How to Prepare a Latte?

-You can prepare a latte by first steaming milk in a steamer or using a steam wand of an espresso machine.

-After the milk has been steamed, you can pour coffee into a cup.

-Latte should be at the bottom of the cup, and then you can add the steamed milk on top of it to create a design or pattern in your coffee latte.

-This latte is usually served with a topping of foam on top.

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world- next to the water! There are many different varieties and methods for brewing coffee. Some coffee drinkers like to use coffee makers, while others prefer filters.

How to Make Regular Coffee?

-One would have regular coffee by first adding a filter to the coffee maker and then filling it with the coffee grounds.

-Then, one would add water.

-After the coffee maker has finished dripping, you should serve your drip coffee immediately because it will start losing its taste if left on a hot plate for too long.

-The drip coffee is ready, so enjoy!

Making Coffee with a Coffee Machine

A drip coffee maker is easily available in the market. This drip coffee maker comes with a double-wall insulated thermal carafe which keeps your coffee hot and fresh for hours to come.

In addition, an integrated drip stop mechanism ensures that you don’t drip any unwanted drips or mess onto your counters and a sleek finish that looks very nice on your countertop.

Making Coffee Without a Coffee Machine

You can also make coffee without a drip coffee maker as you can make coffee easily by using drip filters which you would put inside a pan or pot. All you have to do is fill the filter with coffee grounds and pour hot water through it.

The coffee should be brewed slowly. If coffee is brewed too quickly, it will taste bitter, and if it is not brewed slowly enough, the drip coffee will taste too weak.

Which is Healthier: Latte or Coffee?

A coffee drink contains about 95 mg of caffeine, whereas a latte contains anywhere between 60 to 80 mg of caffeine. In addition, a study conducted by U.C Davis found out that coffee has as many antioxidants as a glass of wine or apple juice.

A latte is prepared differently than regular coffee by having milk foam and coffee mixed together instead of coffee alone.

This espresso coffee is healthy because it does not contain any unnecessary additives such as powdered coffee creamer or loads of sugar.

Latte contains ground coffee, steamed milk, and foam on top. The coffee latte also contains caffeine which is healthy for you. Of course, regular coffee is also healthy, but it depends on your choice of which one you want to take according to your mood.

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Which Coffee Beans Should You Use for Latte?

For making a latte, one should use espresso beans ground instead of regular coffee grounds.

Can You Make Latte with Coffee Machine?

Moreover, you can make coffee or black coffee by using a filter or drip coffee maker. But one would need an espresso machine to make a latte/cappuccino by steaming milk and making foam with coffee grinds.

Iced Latte VS Iced Coffee

An iced latte is different from an iced coffee. Iced latte has milk with ice, whereas you can make iced coffee with ground coffee and ice.

If you would like to make an iced latte, you can add ice to its milk. But a cold coffee is a beverage with ice but no milk.

Conclusion – Coffee VS Latte

Regular coffee is coffee with milk or without milk. On the other hand, a latte is a coffee (espresso) with foamed milk and finely ground coffee beans. If you would like to make a coffee drink, you can use a drip filter or coffee maker.

However, one would need an espresso machine to make a drip coffee latte. Coffee is a drink with finely ground coffee beans, whereas coffee latte/cappuccino is coffee (espresso) with steamed milk and ground beans.