Coffee Vending Machine business: Does it Still Work in 2022?


What is Coffee Vending Machine?

A coffee vending machine is a device sold at several coffee stands and establishments often associated with the office water-cooler. Customers can readily access hot or cold beverages with this coffee vending machine, but this comes with a price.

You do not need to go far for a cup of coffee when you have the vending machine at your office. In an era where people are always in a rush, it is very convenient that there is a beverage dispensing machine to dispense hot or cold drinks.

How does Coffee Vending Business Work?

Selling coffee through a vending machine has been done for years, but the vending machine business is still active nowadays. The usual cost for a cup of coffee from the vending machine is often around three to five dollars or more per drink.

This high price can be justified by taking time to choose your desired beverage, inserting money properly in your preferred coinage with the correct change available afterward, and finally taking the beverage of choice.

What are the Benefits of Coffee Vending Machine Business?

If you own vending machine business, the benefit can be seen through how quick and easy it is to make money off a machine, but trouble arises when you’re using an old model for this type of business. Old models do not provide enough revenue for their owners.

Is Coffee Vending Machine Business Profitable in 2022?

The coffee vending machine business is profitable to some extent, but the industry is facing challenges in 2022. To survive among other competitors, one must have a state-of-the-art coffee vending machine that would convince customers that it is worth every penny they spend just for a cup of coffee.

In the year 2015, the sales from the coffee vending machine business reached 58 billion U.S dollars. This is equivalent to everyone in the USA having two cups of coffee from a vending machine every day.

This growth in this market shows that people are indeed very fond of drinking coffee when they need an instant pick-me-up.

However, many consumers ask themselves if there will be a great demand for the coffee vending machine industry in the future.

The answer to this question is indeed ambiguous because there are certain factors that could affect this vending industry, including technological advancement, increasing consumerism, and economic trends.

Technology advancement

The way technology advances can affect the coffee vending machine business in a positive or negative way depending on how customers use it.

As more and more technology applications are introduced to the market, some can really help coffee vending machine business owners attract more customers.

For example, you can create mobile apps for users to find out where their nearest beverage kiosk is. So, it will be easier for them to buy drinks from these machines.

In addition, app developers also create apps that guide customers to know exactly how the coffee vending machine works.

The downside of technology advancement is that it can also be used against coffee vending machine business owners.

For example, it is possible that an app developer creates an application that serves as a built-in price comparison of all beverage prices from various locations in your area.

This can make regular customers doubt the prices of their favorite beverages from the coffee vending machine and go to other locations instead.

Consumerism and Economic Trends

Consumerism is a social and economic trend that focuses on individual needs and wants. This means that people today are more likely to prioritize their own convenience than before.

This can affect the demand for the coffee vending machine business. For example, some people prefer to buy coffee from small cafes rather than vending machines because they can customize their orders and choose exactly what ingredients they want on their drink.

On the other hand, economic trends affect the demand for coffee vending machine businesses in different ways. If the prices of drinks increase, people might switch to other alternatives.

For example, they can make coffee at home or buy it from cafes. If the prices of drinks decreases, it is possible that people buy more from vending machines since they can save money.

Other Factors Affecting Demand

Aside from technology advancement, consumerism, and economic trends, there are also other factors that affect the demand for the coffee vending machine business.

These factors include environmental changes, cultural and demographic trends, and government regulations.

Environmental Changes

Environmental changes such as extreme weather conditions can affect the demand because people will hesitate to drink too hot or cold beverages.

There are indeed some companies that produce vending machines with double insulation technology. However, bit it is still possible that they might lose a lot of potential customers.

Cultural & Demographic Trends

Cultural and demographic trends affect the coffee vending machine business because as more generations are born, the youth population will slowly decline.

This means that there might be a decrease in demand for beverages like a coffee cappuccino—hot chocolate from these machines. In addition, because young people tend to drink energy drinks instead, as the younger population declines, it is possible that they do not drink coffee at all.

Government Regulations

Government regulations can affect the demand because some customers might not be willing to pay additional costs for other services such as bagging. This has an effect on the total price of each drink that is sold.

In addition, coffee business owners must also know how to adapt to these factors. For example, in the case of environmental changes, instead of selling hot coffee, you can replace vending machines with cold beverage machines. So, customers have a wider range of drinks available to buy from.

As for cultural and demographic trends, people who own businesses should offer new types of beverages such as fruit juices and energy drinks to appeal to young generations.

Finally, the people who own coffee vending businesses must learn about government regulations so that they can make the necessary changes for their machines.

The good news is that despite these factors, the coffee vending machine can still thrive if owners update their machines regularly.

In addition, this profitable coffee vending business can be very beneficial. These machines for hot beverages are available 24 hours a day. So, they can be useful even when demand increases due to certain events such as concerts and sporting events.


The coffee vending machine business can still thrive in 2022, especially if owners update their machines regularly.

Despite changing conditions such as increased competition and environmental changes, the demand for the coffee vending machine business will still remain high in 2022.

Moreover, if you own a successful business, you should also provide virtual business support services to customers.