Coffee Related Resolutions for the New Year


With the New Year coming up fast and many holidays already behind us, now is a time many people are choosing to think about the last year. This might mean reevaluating life choices and considering goals and steps to take toward the life we want. New Year’s resolutions are a fantastic way to incorporate these goals and make any needed changes from the last week, last month, or last year as a whole.

All you need to do is sit down with a pen (or a tablet or phone) and think about what lifestyle changes are important to you. You can jot them down and consider which one goal (or multiple goals) is the most crucial to change over the next year. While this process might be fairly straightforward and simple, actually making that change can be more challenging. Don’t worry, we are here to help on both fronts.

There are a few great resolutions that relate to drinking coffee that might appeal to you. If you’re here, you probably appreciate a nice cup of coffee every morning. We’ll share how to take that passion and move it to your New Year’s resolution list. We’ll also offer some tips on keeping your resolutions the entire year. If you’re ready to make a few changes this year, we have you covered. Read on to learn more…

If Your Goal is to Improve Your Physical Well-Being

You might wonder how the heck coffee can relate to your well-being, but actually, coffee can be beneficial to your health on many different levels. Medical studies show that caffeine consumption can help protect your liver against cirrhosis, lower your risk of type 2 diabetes, lower your risk of Alzheimer’s disease, and reduce your chance of depression. It’s also been shown that those who drink coffee have less risk of heart disease, multiple sclerosis, and colorectal cancer.

However, you should realize that drinking too much coffee is also not recommended. If you want the health benefits from coffee, you might want to make a resolution of drinking one to two cups of coffee day. The Mayo Clinic notes that consuming more than 400 mg a day is best, so keep that number in mind.

Of course, there are many other resolutions that can help with your physical well-being besides drinking coffee. Simply working towards a better diet or getting in a reasonable amount of exercise a week can also be a fantastic resolution if you want to lose weight, gain muscle, or otherwise shape your body into what you want it to be.

You could make your resolution to keep a food journal for 2019. Before you can ever change your diet, you first need to have an idea of where you are at the starting line. When you write down each item you eat, along with the amount that you consume, this lets you find patterns in your diet. You may find that when you are bored you tend to snack more. You might eat more when you allow yourself to get overly hungry. Knowing these things will help you find where to start in making changes to help yourself.

If fitness is more your concern, your resolution could be as simple as visiting the gym three times a week. This can also have an additional layer by keeping track of what you are doing. Apps like MyFitnessPal make it a breeze to write down what you’re doing, how much weight you’ve lost, and more. Those who are into cycling or running can also get devices that keep track of these things for you. Maybe having a Fitbit would get you out of the house more and walking. These are great options to apply to resolutions to ensure that you stick with them.

Back to coffee for a moment, you can also incorporate healthier eating in that facet of your life. Try skipping the sugar in your coffee. This can give you health benefits and you might be surprised how amazing some coffee tastes without the added sugar. While the first few cups may throw you off a bit, it won’t take long before it’s totally normal for you to skip the sugar. If dropping the sugar completely isn’t for you, switch to a sweetener or cut down on the sugar you use gradually.

If Your Goal is to Improve Your Mental Well-Being…

Once again, coffee can help with this goal. Coffee has been shown to improve the symptoms of anxiety and depression in some people. Just be sure to pay attention to your mood and body, since caffeine also makes some anxious individuals more jittery and anxious. But for the vast majority of people, drinking a regular cup of coffee can be great for your mental health. It can also reduce your chances of dementia, give you extra focus, provide energy, and more. Sure, it may not be a resolution to drink coffee, if you already do, but if you don’t, it’s worth a shot.

Another resolution that might be helpful if you have trouble settling on “good enough,” and continue working toward perfection is to learn to stop that instinct. The truth is that expecting perfection of yourself at all times can be bad for your physical health. Work on finding a way to talk yourself down in situations like this so you can move on with your day. It might take some time to get used to certain situations, but you can do it if you keep trying.

Vowing to leave the past in the past can also be a fantastic resolution. We hold a lot of hostility and anger in our bodies sometimes towards certain people from our past. You aren’t required to forgive them, but sometimes letting go of the pain and hurt can have a positive effect on you. It also lets you start the new year on an entirely different foot. Instead of looking back at the past, look toward the future and all of the potential that it brings.

Going to bed earlier in the way can also help with mental health and well-being. People who tend to stay up late into the night also have a lot of time alone in many cases. This means you might stay up late thinking about things that are negative and bound to bring you down. By choosing to go to bed earlier and ensuring you get plenty of sleep, you can avoid some of that negative energy. Having a routine for bedtime is a great idea and you can try different options until something sticks for you.

Instead of sitting at your computer on Facebook while you enjoy a latte, consider tuning out and enjoying real life instead. Research shows that people who spend time on social media often feel more isolated than others, even if the opposite is true. Try to limit the time you spend on social media, perhaps to an hour a day. Make a resolution and then stick to it. You may be surprised to find out how much of a chance you see by spending more time face to face and less looking at a screen.

Choosing to meditate is another great resolution that has positive mental wellbeing effects. This is especially useful if you are the type of person who often stresses over small daily tasks and has a hard time decompressing. When you meditate only 25 minutes a day, you may find that you feel stressful on a regular basis. The best part is you can find great beginner meditation instructions, tips, and videos online for free. It might sound a bit hokey, but for some individuals, it can really provide a massive change in life. As far as a resolution goes, perhaps promise to meditate at least once a day three times a week. You can always ramp up the amount over time.

If Your Goal is to Improve Your Finances…

Are you the type of person who stops at a coffeehouse every morning before work? If so, there’s a simple way to improve your finances. Start making your daily coffee at home. That doesn’t mean that you have to stick to boring, brewed coffee, either. The truth is that most espresso recipes are simple to make. There may be an initial cost if you don’t have the machine you prefer, but not paying for coffee at the café day after day will easily make up for that. The ingredients are cheaper, and you can drink as much as you want with whatever additives you like. It’s a win-win.

Financial resolutions are extremely popular, so we want to share a few others that might fit your lifestyle and needs. An easy one is simple to track your budget. You can do it with a pen and paper, utilize an app, or build a spreadsheet for yourself. It doesn’t matter how you do it, what matters is that you do. This is another resolution where knowing how you do something can lead to better choices. If you need extra time in addition to money, recommend an app that can pull your financial transactions automatically.

Another resolution you can make is to get out of debt. Or, if that seems overly lofty, you can choose to resolve to get out of debt more quickly. This might mean tossing in an extra $50 every month or doing double payments. You can make this easy because most repayment interfaces online will let you automate the whole thing. All you have to do is make sure that the money is in the bank. Your bank or the payment processor will handle everything else for you.

A resolution to do your monthly maintenance tasks around the home might not sound like a financial resolution but it is. When you perform preventative maintenance by patching leaks, changing air filters, and having inspections done, you may end up saving money in the long run. When you go to look at your budget from the year past after preventative maintenance, you’ll be surprised to see you needed fewer repairs and had fewer service calls. It’s well worth the effort and inconvenience once or twice a month to make sure things are in order.

If Your Goal is to Improve Your Current or Future Career…

One of the best ways to improve your current job is by being more productive than you are now. Thankfully, there’s an easy way to do that and it involves filling your cup with caffeinated coffee every morning. That’s right, coffee often makes people feel more energized and can help you be more productive during the day. Sure, it may not get you a raise or put you on the path to a promotion directly, but it can certainly help.

Expanding your network is another resolution that is fantastic for the new year. Even if you already have a job, knowing people who can help you out when you do need it is important. There are few people who actively enjoy networking, but it doesn’t have to be awkward or challenging. Just meeting someone new at a conference, joining groups on LinkedIn, or going out for drinks with a coworker will suffice. Maybe you want to make your resolution to meet someone new every month.

Updating your resume is another thing that can fit into your resolutions for the new year. You want to ensure it is always up to date for many reasons. If you suddenly walk into a situation where an amazing job is available, having to quickly edit the resume can be a drag. It’s also a lot easier to update what you did at a job and which accomplishments you have when it’s still fresh in your mind. Waiting months or even years may lead to missing some items that should be stated and could get you the new job you want.

If updating your entire resume isn’t what you want to do, adding some items to your education or skills section serves as another excellent resolution. Find out what training or skills would make you more competitive in your industry and then find out how to learn those things for yourself. Keeping yourself busy and learning can also provide you with more productive energy and inspiration, which also can help with the career goals you have for next year.

An easy resolution that can carry over into more than a single year is doing a quick checkup of your career and where you are. While you probably have thoughts about your job every day, getting into the real details might be something you rarely bother with. Take time to think about that. What do you want to change and what do you love the way it is? Are you reaching your goals or are you in the place you want to be? When you ask yourself questions like these, you’ll shed light on where you are and where you want to be in the future.

If Your Goal is to Improve your Education…

Stressing out less is something that can improve anyone’s education situation. It doesn’t matter if you are in high school, undergraduate school, or graduate school. If this is something that often causes you problems, a resolution you could make is to look at the student services available and then visit the ones that would be helpful for you. This might mean seeking out a career counselor, finding a sport to play to blow off steam, or starting a yoga class.

Even while you are getting your education, having a break from it all can be nice on occasion. You might think this is impossible, but if you make it a priority, you can make travel part of your life. Take some time to consider any training programs and conferences that resonate with you and find out if you can go to them. Many universities offer grants that allow you to do so. Even if you only go away for a few days, it can be an exciting experience and worthy of making a resolution if it makes you stick with it.

If you want to go to school, but can’t afford it right now, consider ways you can improve your finances. Strategizing options will get you on the right track. Those in school can also start considering how to begin paying off those pesky student loans. Consider some of the financial resolutions we mentioned earlier, such as making your own coffee, building a budget, or paying more on your debt payments each month.

For those who are going to be graduating soon and are stressed about the potential of getting a job, you could make it a resolution to start your job search now. This isn’t something you have to do all at once. You can follow a few companies you like on Twitter or Facebook one week and then attend a career fair another. Things, like having mock interviews and rebuilding your resume, can also be helpful with this. The earlier you have a job, the more you can stop stressing about it.

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If Your Goal is to Improve the Environment…

This is another resolution section where you can make an impact with your favorite drink, coffee! The easiest one out there is to stop using disposable cups, along with straws, forks, and other items. A lot of waste is related to the convenience of these items when a multiple use cup works just as well. Another area to consider relates specifically to those who use coffee pods. Either consider a different way of brewing coffee or use the recyclable pods to help keep the earth in great shape.

Those who also have fitness goals will find this one a two-in-one. Consider, walking, biking, or running to work instead of driving. This is better for the earth and better for your body. Just walking for 30 minutes a day can result in a lower BMI according to scientific studies. Walking or biking can also put you in a better mood, so why not give it a shot?

Another option is to grow your own garden full of fruits, vegetables, and herbs. You’d be surprised how much money you can save if you have a bit of a green thumb and grow your own. On top of that, most of the time the food you pick from your garden tastes better too. You don’t need a huge backyard, there are numerous options for small gardens or even a small herb garden in your window. Grow your favorite food and feel connected with the world around you.

With a garden or not, you’ll still need to visit the grocery store for items. If you take along reusable bags, you’ll avoid the plastic ones which are littering the earth and causing pollution. Most stores sell canvas bags for a low charge, or you can find them even cheaper online. Save the earth while doing something you do anyway but with a twist.

If Your Goal is to Improve Your Community…

New Year’s can be an inspiring time of the year, and while many resolutions relate to use as individuals, this isn’t the only choice. This is also a great time to make the decision to do more for your community. So, let’s start with an easy option. The next time you visit your favorite grocery store, consider picking up a few dollars’ worth of canned vegetables or fruit for the local food pantry. You won’t have to spend much, and you’ll be ensuring someone has food in their stomach for a meal.

Another possibility is a resolution to be a mentor to someone in need. There are always young people in all sorts of neighborhoods who could do with a positive role model. Children have to deal with lots of stress in today’s world and having someone to count on can mean a lot for life. You can help with homework, play sports with a child, read, or do any other activity and know you’re impacting the future.

Those who want to go above and beyond could consider a resolution to start a new program for those who need it most. Everyone is good at something and the skill you have might help those around you. Whether you’re great at cooking or budgeting, offering a free class can help those in your area. You can volunteer your time and offer a free class. There are often non-profit groups who are happy to have people come in and offer their programs. Give it a shot and see where it goes.

You could also choose to start a clothing or food drive for the less fortunate in your town. You can work with a local school, church, or group to get out the word that you are taking donations. This is a great way to give back and it can also give others in the neighborhood a way to jump in and help, too. You can make this a one-time thing or hold it every few months, depending on your available time.

If Your Goal is to Improve Your Social Skills…

Well, there’s nowhere better to get to know new people than the local coffeehouse. Many of them are packed with people looking to socialize. You could go all out and participate at a poetry reading or just hang out and make it a point to talk to new people. We all spend a lot of time in our virtual worlds but finding friends in real life is equally important. The best part is that you can enjoy your favorite cappuccino or flat white while you get to know some people new in your city.

Another resolution that can help with meeting new people is simply to smile more. When you look approachable, people are more likely to come up and introduce themselves. This is such a small thing to do but it can have huge results. In fact, it’s been shown that smiling, even on purpose, can provide you with a happier state of mind. This will also pull others in who want to get to know you. So, if you want a simple resolution and some social activity, show your teeth.

If you are looking to find a new significant other and that’s why socializing is important to you, one of the best things you can do is think about your attitude and outlook. The end of the year often makes people optimistic and positive, which can be a great way to go into new experiences with friends and dates, alike. If you drop a few of your negative assumptions and expectations, you are more likely to find yourself in positive situations. That doesn’t mean you’re going to find the person of your dreams, but it also isn’t going to hurt your chances any.

Say yes. Many people visit the same places and seek out the same people for socializing purposes. Instead of doing that, make a resolution to try new things and push beyond your comfort zone. Even if a social engagement sounds a little stressful, give it a shot. If it turns out not to be for you, there’s no reason you can’t leave. When you go, you put yourself in a new space and have the chance to meet entirely new people. Try it out and see what you find out about yourself. You might be surprised in a pleasant way.


How to Keep Your Resolutions All Year Round

So, you’ve decided on a resolution or two. That’s great! However, you might be wondering how to help yourself keep to these goals as the year goes on. It can sometimes be exciting to decide on a resolution, but it may be challenging to keep it in effect for months into the future. Don’t worry, we have some tips to help you out. It doesn’t have to be troublesome to keep your resolution, but it might require some hard work.

Stick with One Resolution at a Time

It might sound like a great idea to choose two, three, or even half a dozen resolutions, but it’s much harder to keep all of them as the year goes on. You can’t change your entire life in one swoop. It sounds great on paper but in practice, it’s not going to work the way you want. Instead, choose a concrete resolution that says exactly what change you plan to make. If you do well after a month or two, then you can add an additional resolution or change. This lets you make the changes you want but without trying to do it all at once.

You should also stay away from resolutions that are entirely unrealistic. For instance, if you are out of shape, overweight, and incapable of walking up a flight of stairs, don’t make your resolution to run a marathon. Instead, make it your resolution to walk for ten minutes a day. Once you have that down pat, you can increase the length and intensity of your goal until a marathon is reasonable.

Plan Ahead to Ensure Success

The best way to ensure you meet your goals for the new year, or any other time, is to make sure you have everything you need to succeed. How do you do that? There are some simple tips that can help you. One great option is to hit up your local library and check out some books on your resolution. It doesn’t matter if it’s to make better coffee, stop smoking, or start running, there are books out there to make the process easier for you. If the library isn’t for you, the Internet also has tons of information on any goal you have. Once you have the information you need, get all your ducks in a row. For instance, if you want to start running, get the clothes, glasses, shoes, and music you need to head out every day and have a good time. That means there are no excuses in your way.

Think About Potential Problems

No matter what resolution you make, you’re going to run into problems or issues at some point along the way. If you already have those issues anticipated, you can think about what solutions are available. Perhaps a certain time of day will be harder to keep up your goal or you’ll have trouble around a group of friends. Once you know, you’ll be able to have some coping options in place that you can pull from when needed. This can give you motivation and push you even closer to your goal.

Decide When You Want to Start

Conventional wisdom will tell you that a New Year’s resolution should begin on January first, and it’s completely fine to choose that day. However, it doesn’t have to start on that day. We recommend selecting a date when you will be in a positive space, well rested, and excited about the changes to come. If that means a week after New Year’s, that’s just as good as the first. If the date doesn’t take, you can always try again. Just because you don’t succeed at first doesn’t mean you never will. What matters is putting in the effort and trying hard.

Put Yourself All In

So, now you have a resolution. You have researched it and know what some of the problems are that might come up. You decided on a starting date and now that day has come. Now what? What you are going to want to do is jump into your resolution with both feet. Just go for it. One of the options that helps some people is to write down a phrase related to the resolution, so you can look at whenever you are having trouble. This is your commitment card and it’s a promise to yourself to keep to your goal from this point forward.

Be Honest and Accept Potential Failure

Things don’t always go the way we want them to. Maybe you pick up a cup of coffee and forget your thermos, so you need to use a plastic cup. Perhaps you smoke a cigarette one day or you skip out on visiting the gym. The worst thing you can do in this case is to beat yourself up about it or stop trying. You need to accept that something happened and then avoid doing it again. Consider what might have caused you to slip up and try to find a way to avoid it in the future. You have to work hard to change your habits and slipping up is totally normal. You simply need to get up, dust yourself off, and try again.

Provide Rewards for Yourself

Even a tiny reward of some sort can help you get through the days which are the toughest. This is especially useful for the first few days when things are extra challenging. After that, you can give yourself a weekly reward of something like a trip to the movies or a magazine to keep yourself on track and happy. Once you no longer need those rewards, you can move them to monthly rewards and then give yourself a more substantial reward after a year. This provides something to look forward to and you will have earned it yourself.

Wrapping Up

We hope these resolution ideas and tips will get you off on the right foot for 2019. Whether you incorporate your love for coffee into the season doesn’t matter, but it might make some changes more palatable than they otherwise would be. If you follow some of our tips, you’ll be prepared to start this year in the best mood and with the top attitude possible. Good luck!

Bonus Questions

1. What are the most common New Year’s resolutions?

While the most common New Year’s resolutions change year after year, you can always expect for saving money, eating healthier, and getting more exercise to be among the top resolutions people have.

2. What is the history of New Year resolutions?

It’s believed that the ancient Babylonians were the first to make New Year’s resolutions thousands of years ago. They are also believed to be the first civilization to hold celebrations for the new year, although this was in March.

3. Why do we set New Year resolutions?

People set New Year’s resolutions in order to improve themselves in some way in the upcoming year. It is a promise made by someone to take on a goal for the next year.

4. Why do people kiss on New Year’s?

In the Western world, kissing has been a custom at midnight on New Year’s for a long time. Some people believe that not doing so means you will be lonely for the next year.

5. When did New Year change from March to January?

In 1752, the Julian Calendar was replaced by the Gregorian Calendar, which changed how leap years would be calculated. Eleven days were also removed from the month of September in that same year.

6. What do people do New Years?

In many countries, people celebrate New Year’s by going to social gatherings. These are often fireworks, dancing, eating, and drinking of alcoholic beverages. Christians sometimes go to a watch night service.

7. Why is January the 1st month?

January is known as Janus’ month and is the door to the new year. The Roman god of doors, Janus, represents beginnings and has the ability to see things in the future and past.

8. What city is the last to celebrate New Year’s?

Some of the last places to welcome the New Year’s are Baker Island and American Samoa, while the first are Kiritimati, Samoa, and Tonga.

9. Is Deepavali Indian New Year?

While many believe that Deepavali is Indian New Year, this is not the case. The Indian New Year actually is in April.

10. Is New Year’s a religious holiday?

While it is not officially a religious holiday, it is often celebrated with special meals and religious services. In Israel, it is often celebrated and called Sylvester or the civil new year.

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