Best Coffee in Hollywood


Looking to get your caffeine fix while exploring Hollywood? Look no further than these amazing coffee places!

Stretching from North Hollywood to Santa Monica, the bustling streets of Hollywood are teeming with people day and night.

After a long day at work or an exciting day in Tinseltown, Hollywood locals love relaxing over a good cup of coffee and a delectable dessert. Here are the best coffee places in Hollywood:

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is a staple of the Hollywood community. As one of the oldest coffee companies in Los Angeles, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has been serving delicious drinks for many years.

With their famous Ice Blended drinks as well as an extensive menu with food and beverages, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf offers something for everyone!

Uprising Muffin Company

Uprising Muffin Company is the perfect place to satisfy your sweet tooth with some spectacular pastries. Although Uprising Muffin Company offers hot coffee and cold brew with a wide variety of baked goods, their delectable muffins are their shining star!

With flavors like Carrot Ginger and Raspberry Lemon Cheesecake, Uprising Muffin Company offers a tremendous selection of muffins.

Intelligentsia Coffee

The third branch of Intelligentsia Coffee is also the most glamorous. Although Intelligentsia Coffee offers some of the finest coffee in Los Angeles, their ambiance and decor make this location one-of-a-kind.

With muted blues and cool greys, Intelligentsia Coffee offers a more relaxing environment to enjoy your cup of Joe.

Bourgeois Pig Cafe & Bakery

The Bourgeois Pig Cafe & Bakery is a quaint cafe nestled in the heart of Hollywood. Serving breakfast all day as well as an assortment of baked goods, The Bourgeois Pig Cafe offers french cuisine along with their coffee selection to give patrons a truly authentic experience.


Hugo Cafe is a casual coffee house that offers free wifi and live music to its patrons. With an extensive menu of drinks, including lattes, steamers, hot chocolate, and various teas, as well as pastries ranging from fruit tarts to chocolate chip cookies, Hugo Cafe boasts a diverse menu. In addition, you can also grab a breakfast sandwich.

Cafe de Leche

Cafe de Leche is a small but popular spot located in the heart of Hollywood. This great coffee shop’s hip atmosphere and Latin-inspired pastries have made Cafe de Leche a staple of the Hollywood community.

In addition to the coffee drinks and desserts, Cafe de Leche also serves lunch items such as paninis, avocado toast, and salads.

Aroma Cafe

Aroma Cafe is the perfect place to grab a delicious sandwich and enjoy it with your cup of coffee. At Aroma Cafe, you can order anything from their lunch menu at any time of day; breakfast served all-day!

In addition to the delicious menu items and coffee, Aroma Cafe also has a selection of baked goods and dessert items.

Waves Coffee House

Waves Coffee House is not only an excellent coffee shop but also the perfect location for the young Hollywood crowd after they’re done working on their latest big break! With free wifi and ample seating Waves, Coffee House offers a calm environment to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee and a wide array of pastries.

They also serve cold brews, including nitro cold brew and Latin cold brew.

G&B Coffee at Handsome Coffee Roasters

Handsome Coffee Roasters hosts a coffee bar within their downtown location that’s open from 7 am-7 pm Monday through Friday and 9 am-5 pm on weekends.

In addition to G&B Coffee serving some of the finest coffee in LA, they also offer a unique selection of baked goods. To complement your coffee experience, G&B sells tea from the Tavalon Tea Co.

Blacktop Coffee

Blacktop Coffee is a quaint and cozy cafe located in Los Feliz. Along with a wide range of café items, such as sandwiches and salads, as well as your traditional coffee beverages, Blacktop also has a selection of baked goods for those looking to indulge.

Blackwood Coffee Bar

Blackwood Coffee Bar is a brand spanking new coffee shop located in the heart of Hollywood. Along with serving some fantastic coffee and mixing up some delicious espresso drinks, Blackwood Coffee Bar offers an assortment of baked goods to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Coffee Commissary

Coffee Commissary is a Hollywood coffee shop for those looking to grab a quick cup of coffee or hang out all day. Along with serving an excellent selection of coffee and espresso beverages, Coffee Commissary offers an extensive menu including omelets, salads, sandwiches, and more!

The Griddle Cafe

The Griddle Cafe is a Hollywood institution located right across the street from some of Hollywood’s biggest studios. This American-style diner offers some of the finest coffee in LA as well as a wide selection of breakfast dishes such as pancakes and eggs.

In addition to the café items, The Griddle Cafe also serves lunch items, including burgers, sandwiches, salads, and hot entrees.

Magpies Softserve & Bakery

Magpies Softserve & Bakery is a small yet cozy bakery located in Hancock Park, LA. In addition to coffee drinks, tea, and a variety of desserts, Magpies also serves various sandwiches and salads for those looking to enjoy a nutritious meal.

Hugo Cafe

Hugo Cafe is a small coffee shop offering an extensive menu of coffee-based drinks and baked items, including fruit tarts, chocolate brownies, and banana bread. In addition to the café items, Hugo Cafe also offers bottled beverages such as water and soda.

Aroma Espresso Bar

Located in the heart of West Hollywood, Aroma Espresso Bar is a modern European-style café. It offers a wide array of coffee beverages as well as a variety of breakfast and lunch items.

In addition to the ample seating inside, this coffee bar also has outdoor seating available for those looking to enjoy their food or beverage al fresco!

Waves Coffee House

Waves Coffee House offers free wifi and ample seating to allow patrons the opportunity to work or hang out with friends. Waves also offer an extensive menu of coffee drinks, tea, and pastries with a vibrant atmosphere.


Hollywood is home to some of LA’s best restaurants, cafes, and coffee shops. With each establishment offering its own unique flair, there’s something for every café goer!