How to Make Coffee When Backpacking?


These are some questions that come to mind when people think about going camping, and coffee doesn’t usually pop up in their thoughts.

Luckily, there’s a solution for coffee lovers who decide to go backpacking! Backpacking is hiking with everything you need on your back. Backpacking trips can range from one night under the stars to multi-day treks.

What is Instant Coffee?

Instant coffee is a type of freeze-dried instant coffee that dissolves in hot water. It’s ideal for weight-conscious hikers and backpackers because instant coffee has significantly less volume than ground coffee beans.

Many instant coffees use “natural flavors” to enhance the taste, but some instant coffees are entirely natural.

There are different coffee-making methods when camping:

Advantages of Instant Coffee

– instant coffee can be used in cold weather because this coffee dissolves in hot water.

This type of coffee is simple to make when camping, requiring only hot water, spoon, pot, cup, and instant coffee powder.

– instant coffee powder packets are lightweight and easy to carry in large quantities on your backpacking trips.

– it is simple to make while camping simply add instant coffee to your hot water over a fire or heat source.

– cowboy style instant coffee requires only a pot, water, bag of instant coffee, and a heat source such as hot rocks or coals.

– instant coffee is easy to dissolve in hot water and doesn’t require you to carry a coffee maker.

– this coffee is freeze-dried coffee that dissolves in hot water.

– it is suitable for direct contact with hot water.

Different Methods of Making Hot Coffee When You are Camping

1) Cowboy coffee method

2) Jet boil method

3) Solar coffee method

Cowboy Coffee Method

Cowboy coffee is a simple method to brew coffee by simply boiling the instant coffee in water over an open fire or over a heat source such as hot rocks or coals.

Although some instant coffee packets do not list it as an approved ingredient, many instant coffee manufacturers say instant coffee is suitable for direct contact with hot water.

In a cowboy-style coffee, coffee can be added directly to the pot of boiling water over an open fire or heat source. This method allows coffee to dissolve quickly in hot water while also removing many of its natural oils that some coffees include.

Jet Boil Method

Camp coffee makers can use this method for brewing coffee. First, instant coffee is added to a cup of boiling water from the jet-boil stove. Then, you can coffee simmer or stir it until dissolved.

Solar Coffee Method

This is a fun and tasty way to drink coffee while backpacking, hiking, or camping! Mix instant coffee with water in a clear jar and put it in the sun, stirring occasionally. The hot cup of coffee is ready when it reaches a warm temperature and has an opaque color.

How to Make Instant Coffee in A Portable French Press Coffee Maker?

You can place instant coffee or ground coffee in a French press coffee maker and combine it with boiling water.

You can also use this method camp coffee method for making cold brew.

How to Make Instant Coffee in An Instant Coffee Maker When Backpacking?

– Instant coffee packets can be added directly into the instant coffee maker.

– Instant powdered milk can be added for a creamy texture.

How to Make Instant Coffee in A Percolator When Backpacking?

Percolators are associated with the traditional method of making coffee. This method requires instant coffee, a coffee maker, and a heat source such as hot rocks or coals.

Spoon instant coffee into a nylon bag and tie it securely closed. Fill your coffee maker with water and heat the water over a heat source such as hot rocks or coals.

Place instant coffee bag in the percolator basket, set instant coffee maker on top of the stove, and begin to perc coffee.

Allow instant coffee grounds to steep for 3-4 minutes, remove the instant coffee bag, and discard instant coffee grounds before hot coffee.

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How to Make Instant Coffee in A Strainer When Backpacking?

Instant coffee is made the same way as instant cowboy coffee, simply add coffee grounds to your pot of boiling water and stir until instant coffee dissolves. Next, add instant powdered milk for a creamy texture, and enjoy instant coffee on your next camping trip!

How Does Instant Coffee Work?

– Instant coffee requires instant coffee powder, hot water, and a cup or pot.

– Instant coffee is easy to dissolve in hot water and doesn’t require you to carry a coffee maker or filter for instant coffee preparation.

What Kind of Instant Coffee is The Best When Backpacking?

Instant coffee has become popular due to instant coffee ease of use and instant coffee taste. This coffee only requires instant coffee grounds, water, and a heat source such as hot rocks or coals for instant coffee preparation.

– Instant coffee is smooth and creamy and dissolves quickly in hot water without clumping.

What Basic Ingredients Should You Take with You for Making Coffee When Camping?

– instant coffee

-instant powdered milk


-pot or cup

-hot water and

-a heat sources such as hot rocks or coals

Wrapping Up – Camp Coffee

So, you can use the above-mentioned different methods of brewing coffee. You can enjoy a hot cup of coffee while camping. Furthermore, you can brew this camp coffee instantly without any hassle when you are outside. Instant coffee can be enjoyed on the go without having to carry around a coffee maker.

This hot coffee is easy to make in most areas. Moreover, instant coffee is easy to dissolve in hot water without having to carry instant coffee filters or instant coffee makers.

Instant coffee can be purchased at most grocery stores, but for a better-tasting cup of coffee, it is best to try a brand offered by your local coffee store.

Some instant coffee brands offer a variety of flavors, including vanilla, hazelnut, and French vanilla instant coffee packets. So, you can buy these flavors of instant coffee if you wish to give your coffee a kick!